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Asha A. Abdalla
Mogadishu, Somalia
Cell Phone 0722-583-267 (Kenya)
June 9, 2003

Presidential candidate Caasha Axmed Cabdalla To: All The Somali People
Re: Submission of Presidential Candidacy Application.
Enclosed is my resume. I am seeking the challenging responsibility of leading Somalia as the head of state. I have valuable experience serving the public, confidence in my leadership potential and through understanding of the needs of post armed conflict Somalia. The people of Somalia feel that war torn Somalia, under the burden of social, economic and political disintegration needs a capable, insurmountable leader. The social, economic and political woes afflicting the country needs a leader who is committed to the cause of picking up all the pieces and rebuilding Somalia.

My twelve point agenda for Somali is to:
1. Stabilize and maintain the country’s judiciary system.
2.Secure Somali unity and support of all Somalis in rebuilding the country.
3 Disarm all armed groups within Somalia
4. Ensure to provide proper child-protection and disabled.
5. Promote and maintain proper healthcare and rehabilitation facilities.
6. Demobilize and reintegrate back into Somali society every affected man, woman, boy and girl.
7. Promote regional governance for recognition of unity in our diversity.
8. Revive the Somali economy
9. Promote universal education for all Somalis.
10. Promote women’s social, economic and political empowerment.
11. Create employment opportunities and instill self reliance skills in Somali nationals
12. Promote/preserve Somali culture sports and art.

The people of Somalia believe in my ability to deliver them from each of Somalia’s malaises. I too believe I have the capacity to serve my people as called upon. I look forward to your acceptance of my application and my clearance thereof.
Sincerely yours, Asha Ahmed Abdalla.
Presidential Candidate, Federal Republic of Somalia
Mogadishu, Somalia Phone:2521500638/ 25255960335        

Bio Data

Sex: Female
Date of Birth: 1958
Marital Status: Married with three children
Religion: Muslim
Nationality: Somali/American

To govern in democratic manner all men, women, and children of Somalia and to promote peace, peaceful co coexistence, unity, security prosperity and stability across borders.

1982 -1988: LaGuardia College and City University of New York
Degrees earned: Bachelor of Science (BS)
Master of Arts
1980-1982: Midtown school of business
Earned: Diploma in accounting and Business Management
1978-1979: Cambridge School
Earned: Diploma in Bookkeeping
Took a lot of seminars and courses on tax law, certified public accountant (CPA), real estate, insurance, child care, counseling, nutrition, social work, business management and others.

Positions held in the Somali Government:
2002-2003 minister, Demobilization, Disarmament, Reintegration and Disable Care (DDRDC), Somalia and delegate, Somali National Peace and Reconciliation Conference.
Feb. 2002-June. 2002 Minster of State DDRDC, Somalia
Nov. 2002-Oct. 2001 Dep. Minster, Labor, Sports and Social Affairs Somalia.
Aug. 2000-Aug 2000 member of parliament, Somali National Assembly
Jun. 2000-Aug. 2000 active delegate in the Arta Peace process for Somalia
June 1996- 2000 President, Somali-American Association & Relief Agencies.
1997 – 2000 Supervisor, Housing authority, Columbus, Ohio·1992-1996 President, US/Somali Relief and Rescue
1990-1992 Manager, Import-export enterprise
June 1987- 1990 Accounting Executive, Deloitte Haskin and Sells, World Trade Center One
Mar. 1984 – 1986 internship accounting clerk, Coward Shoes Company NY.Interests Charity, Humanitarian activities, sports reading, computers, counseling

I have successfully undertaken social work with specific focus on achievements resettlement of refugees
I have employed my services in counseling and mentoring young Somali women and men.
I have successfully undertaken refugee resettlement and adjustment programs
I have advocated on protection of refugee rights and other support services
I have provided formal and informal mentoring on self-sufficiency for women refugees.

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